Are you someone who gets nervous in public, crowded areas or social settings?

Are you someone who panics often for no reason at all?

Are you someone who feels anxious or worries about anything and everything?

You want to calm your nerves down but nothing seems to work. Your thoughts are continuous streams in your head and you can't quiet them down. Your stomach feels tense and upset or your heart pounds and you feel like everyone can notice it around you. Sometimes your heart is pounding so fast and uncontrollably that you think you're having a heart attack. You fear others are watching you and maybe even talking about you. You always feel on edge.

At Embrace Your Life, PLLC, we practice evidence-based treatment such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy that helps you train your brain into redirecting your thoughts and changing behavior patterns. Your counselor will teach you coping skills to manage your anxiety and worry and be able to thrive again!


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