Are you someone who never feels good enough when you look in the mirror?

Do you frequently wear over-sized or sloppy clothes in an effort to hide your body?

Do you restrict your calorie intake or engage in other unhealthy eating behaviors?

Do you spend time comparing your body to what you see on television, the movies, on social media, or in the magazines?

You know it is not healthy to compare your body to the images seen in the media, and yet those are the expectations you have for yourself. You spend time wishing your body looked like those images seen on apps, and social media. You feel that no matter how you try, you still have negative thoughts about what you see in the mirror. You may restrict your calorie intake or go on binge eating cycles; which result in an increase of shame and poor body concept.

At Embrace Your Life, PLLC, we utilize interventions designed to help foster a greater sense of self-acceptance and address the unrealistic goals you may have. Counseling can provide an opportunity to explore the impact that society has on our beliefs and feelings about self. Learn how having a mindful approach to eating can allow a more peaceful relationship with food. Through a combination of compassion and learning to challenge your own negative self-talk, we will help you to find a healthier relationship with your body.