Does your child struggle to manage social interactions with peers or adults?

Is your child struggling with changes to your family dynamic such as a separation, divorce, or a newly blended family?

Does your child find it difficult to manage his/her life and expectations at school or home?

It is said that play is the language of a child. Counselors at Embrace Your Life, PLLC utilize play as a way to help children feel safe and more comfortable in addressing fears and struggles they may have. Through play many issues can be addressed including developing a greater understanding of how relationships and the world work. Children can try out new ways of expressing themselves in a safe and accepting environment. Through various types of play children can learn to express emotions more openly.

Our counselors use play, sand tray and EMDR geared specifically towards our younger clients. All of our treatment interventions are evidence based and can help children who may be dealing with emotional or behavioral issues.