In the eyes of your child

Sometimes your child may struggle to get along with their friends or classmates and even fit in. They might have increased anxiety and worry in social situations like school, church, around new people, or new environments. Your child may struggle to concentrate in activities like school or struggle to stay in their seat. They might find it hard to manage their parent’s divorce or separation.  Your child could find it difficult to know how to grieve or work through a loss in their life. Or your child might be struggling with adoption issues or transitions, or even difficult and scary memories to get past. You might catch yourself thinking things like: 

"What if my child can't get along with anyone his/her age?"

"What if my child can't feel better again?"

"What if my child can't adapt to this new change?"

Maybe you also see your child doing the following: avoiding situations or staying by your side, struggling to stay focused or talking with the teacher is talking, or having nightmares. 

how we can help

Our counselors use play, sand tray and a method called EMDR that is geared specifically towards them to help them feel safe and more comfortable in addressing fears and struggles they may have.  Through play many issues can be addressed including developing a greater understanding of how relationships and the world work. Children can try out new ways of expressing themselves in a safe and accepting environment. Through various types of play children can learn to express emotions more openly. All of our treatment interventions are evidence based and can help children who may be dealing with emotional or behavioral issues. 

Struggling with anxiety, sadness, and other various child related issues can be tough, but we can help! 

Get started now to see if counseling may be beneficial for your child today!