You want to feel better and you may have tried a variety of things but nothing is getting you anywhere. You just want to feel like yourself again but something keeps getting in the way of it and making you feel stuck. Perhaps you take the next step and reach out to someone who can help and understands you.

We understand and have been there before in some capacity. At Embrace Your Life, PLLC we are trained in a variety of areas including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, trauma, anxiety and depression, mindfulness, The Grief Recovery Method, EMDR, online virtual therapy, couple's counseling and much more. 

Embrace Your Life, PLLC teaches you how to embrace your life again, learn to live in the moment with confidence and make your life more manageable with guidance, direction, and tools to be able to function. Otherwise, you might find yourself continuing to be surrounded by "what if's", the past, and second guessing your every move.

We are here to help you feel heard, understood and connected so that you can get back on your feet again and learn to embrace your life and find peace.


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Our counselors and therapists provide psychotherapy to a variety of specialty areas for you to choose from. 

We are LGBTQIA friendly and work with all backgrounds and cultures!

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