couple’s counseling unique to each group of people.

Sometimes as a couple you may be struggling with infidelity within your relationship. You may even lack intimacy within their relationship, physically and emotionally. Or even sometimes as a couple you have struggled to strengthen the basic foundation of trust within your relationship. You might catch yourself thinking things like: 

"What if this news gets out that he/she cheated on me and ruins our image of a perfect relationship?"

"What if we don't know each other after the kids go off to college and leave home?"

"What if I can't trust him/her again?"

Maybe you all see yourselves doing the following: checking your partner's phone for any sign of cheating, declining requests to engage in sex, or no desire to engage in sex.

How we can help

Our counselors will help you learn how to work out the kinks in your relationship and replace the old scripts you have been using with newer and healthier ones. We will often pull from a variety of theoretical approaches including Gottman Method, Emotional Focused Therapy, and Relational Life Therapy. 

Struggling to make it past infidelity and increase intimacy and trust can be tough, but we can help!

Get started now if you think couple’s counseling would be a good fit for you all.