Are you someone who is grieving the loss of believing that your relationship was perfect because your spouse cheated on you, trust was broken, and you didn't dream it would ever happen to you?

You've had the perfect relationship, or at least you thought you did. That is, until you found out the truth behind your partner's strange behavior lately. Nothing seemed to add up or make sense. You felt like you were going crazy and wondered what was happening to you. Now that you know the truth, you feel heartbroken and lifeless. You can't believe this has happened to you and your near perfect relationship. You question what you did to cause this to happen. 

Are you someone who is grieving the loss that you weren't faithful to your spouse because you weren't getting what you needed from them and you have a history turning to unhealthy coping methods?

You're a person who is tired of fighting for your relationship to work out perfectly and you're broken down. You're utterly exhausted. The support you have been needing and asking for is just not happening. Perhaps you're tired of not feeling attractive, loved, needed, heard or listened to. Someone offers a caring hand or a listening ear and you get out of touch with reality and your partner. 

Are you someone who is grieving the loss of intimacy you have had with your spouse because you have either had children, your interests have drifted apart, or maybe the kids have left the house and you find yourself having to get to know one another again?

You feel like you've gotten lost in the shuffle. You used to be intimate with one another and now you question what has happened to cause you and your partner to drift apart. The children are always around and it seems like you're too exhausted at night to even spend time with your partner. Maybe over time, the two of your interests have changed and you have lost sight of who you are in the relationship. Now the kids are out of the house, days and nights filled with activities have come to an end. You find that it's just you and your spouse left to get to know one another again.

Are you someone who has lost faith in, or is having trouble trusting your spouse because time after time your partner makes promises and doesn't follow through? 

Have you ever thought your trust in your best friend and partner would fail or fall short? Far too often your partner has made promises to you to begin a new task in your relationship or discontinue an unhealthy habit. But they never seem to follow through or commit to it entirely.

Sound familiar? Relationships don't have to become stuck or gridlocked like this. 

Trust me. Relationships are not easy. There is hope for your relationship to get back on track. Contact us today for a free phone consultation to learn how to embrace your relationship to the fullest. You will learn how to work out the kinks in your relationship and replace the old scripts you have been using with newer healthier ones.

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