Are you someone who feels like they have lost meaning or purpose in life and feels like it is hopeless?

Are you someone who feels like they don't have energy to make it through the day and have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning?

Are you someone who can't find happiness in life no matter how hard you try because those negative self-defeating thoughts keep weighing you down?

You want to feel normal again. You wonder why you are never happy anymore and why everyone around you is always happy and you're not. You feel irritated at the world and everything else. It takes so much energy just to go to work or complete simple tasks. You don't feel motivated to do anything. Sometimes you may eat food to comfort yourself and other times you may have no appetite at all. Lately you have been questioning if life is worth it anymore. 

At Embrace Your Life, PLLC we have caring and understanding counselors that are ready to help you get back to feeling yourself again. Through evidence-based treatment such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we will help you repair your negative thoughts and modify your behavior patterns to get you back on track.


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