Is your family struggling to understand one another?

Families can frequently shut each other out by insisting on controlling one another. At times we may speak unkindly or not listen when others are trying to express themselves.

Would you like to form a deeper and more secure relationship with your child?

Parents often feel like they spend all their time correcting their children instead of connecting with them. Finding a healthy balance between teaching children, building a close connection, and discipline can help strengthen family relationships. There are things we can do to help strengthen our attachment to one another in families and these skills have a positive effect on children’s ability to form healthy relationships both in and out of the home.

Do you know and understand your child’s emotions and how best to help them regulate their emotions?

Recognizing and validating children’s emotions helps to achieve a greater connection within the family unit. Validating children’s emotions does not mean being okay with their behaviors, it means providing compassion for what they are dealing with.

Family relationships are one of our most important connections, and yet we often feel unprepared or frustrated when challenges arise. Family members do not have to feel alone, isolated, or disconnected from the ones they love. Through counseling, your family can learn to more effectively communicate with one another and work towards developing greater cohesion. Learn to validate one another’s struggles. Learn to create an emotionally safe environment where every family member feels valued, seen and heard. We know first hand just how difficult the parenting role is so let us help you expand the great things you do already!