Are you someone who has questioned whether or not attending group therapy would be a nice supplement to add to individual therapy?

Have you ever wondered if you could use support and feedback from other group members to help you grow further in the counseling process?

Group counseling is a perfect way to add more value to your therapy experience! Whether you have a desire to connect with others in a group setting and receive feedback and support or a need to process something on a deeper level, groups are a great fit. There are many options to choose from. Most of the time there are 1-2 groups going on at the same time. Find the one that aligns with what you are needing most!

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Coming Soon:

  • Self-Care Group: This group will guide you back to what matters most. You will identify your values, what you want and what you need. You will learn to create rituals that fit your life,  techniques to employ mindfulness and meditation, how to create, integrate, and enhance spirituality. This is a 9 week group that meets 90 minutes per week where you can meet others to help develop authentic self-care plans and rituals to sustain your well-being.