adult counseling geared to getting you moving forward and finding peace again.

Sometimes you may struggle with grief and loss in your life. Your self-esteem and how you see yourself may play a role in the struggle to be perfect. Sometimes you may feel sad or depressed and resort to isolating yourself from others around you. Or you might feel anxious and worry about the future. Sometimes you might be fighting chronic illness or cancer treatment, just to make it through one single day. Or you could feel burned out from your job, care-taking, or working with others. You might catch yourself thinking things like: 

"Will I ever be pain free again?"

"Will I ever be able to move forward in my life?"

"Will I ever feel like myself again?"

Maybe you also see yourself doing the following: struggling to get out of bed, feeling uncomfortable around others, or failing to feel positive about yourself.

how we can help

Our counselors specialize in many of the areas you have been through or are experiencing now.  We can help you learn to identify those troublesome and self-defeating thoughts that are dragging you down and learn to change them into positive thoughts that leave you feeling more relaxed and grounded. Some counselors use a method called EMDR that pulls from a variety of treatment approaches that addresses past, current, and future triggers. Through processing this, it will facilitate a reduction in many of the symptoms associated with trauma, PTSD, and other experiences. 

Struggling with sadness, anxiety, grief, pain, and burnout can be tough to go through, but we can help!

Get started now to see if counseling would be a good fit for your you!

Individual counseling at Embrace Your Life, PLLC

Individual counseling at Embrace Your Life, PLLC