Are you someone who is grieving the loss of your childhood or inner child due to being bullied, abused, or some other traumatic event and now is causing you to feel low self-worth, depression, or anxiety?

You want a counselor that is concerned about your general well-being. Perhaps you want someone that will listen to you and encourage you to continue talking. Or maybe you yearn for someone to understand and empathize with you. Whatever your reason for seeking counseling, you have decided it's time to quit beating yourself up and reach out to someone who won't judge or criticize you. It's time to let go of the perfectionism, the anxiety-provoking and self-defeating thoughts that are dragging you down even further, and the fear of letting down others.

Are you someone who is feeling a lack of your purpose in life due to a job loss, career change, divorce, death of a loved one, change in faith and spirituality, or anything else?

As long as you can remember, you have wanted to fulfill your dreams or purpose in life. Due to extenuating circumstances, your plan is just not working out quite like you had in mind. You feel lost and struggle to find who to turn to or how to make sense of it. You've never felt anything like this before, but this isn't the end...It's your new beginning.

Are you having difficulty managing stress in your life due to pressures at work, burnout or compassion fatigue, any of which may have caused you to use unhealthy coping skills just to get by?

The pressures of your responsibilities at work continue to weigh you down and cause you fatigue. Perhaps you have been consumed by listening to others express their concerns and fears on a constant basis that you don't know if you can continue to provide an empathetic ear. As a result you have been turning to "not the healthiest" of choices for coping skills to manage your stress and displeasure.

Does this sound familiar?  Anybody you know? Contact me today for a 15 minute phone consultation at (936) 777-3940 to discuss how I can help you take your life back and learn how to embrace it. Together we can make a difference by peeling away the layers that are bringing you down and work toward resolving your goals.