Are you having difficulty managing stress in your life due to pressures at work or your long list of unending responsibilities and/or tasks?

Are you someone who has been turning to "not the healthiest" of choices for coping skills to manage your stress and displeasure?

You know you're overwhelmed. Perhaps you're over-worked and have little support from others. You've turned to alcohol, drugs or cigarettes lately to ease your pain or numb your feelings. But that doesn't even seem to be enough help. You're not sleeping or eating well either. Everything seems daunting to you, even the smallest of things. You know that you need to make better choices in your life.

Embrace Your Life, PLLC believes in helping you to learn to find balance in your life. By teaching and educating you on healthier coping skills such as mindfulness, journaling, and reframing self-defeating thoughts, our counselors will help you learn to manage your life and embrace it with ease. 


If you're struggling to manage your stressful life right now,

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