Are you an LPC-Intern looking for a supervisor who has a wide range of knowledge and experience in numerous counseling and education related fields?

Are you a field practicum student trying to complete your internship in a masters or doctoral program at a College or University, looking for a site to complete your internship and accumulate hours from someone who can teach you about private practice?

Congratulations on your new adventure of working toward becoming a professional counselor! What an exciting and yet stressful time this is for you! I can help you ease into the process of supervision with little stress and difficulty. Supervision and earning your hours doesn't have to be a stressful or painful experience. Through an organized and streamlined process, I will provide you with an intern supervision notebook where you will hold all of your documents in one place. It works like this: whatever you have, I have! That way we're both organized in the process. I offer individual, group, video and triadic supervision within a developmental framework, making your life easier! In addition, I also provide training on various topics monthly as part of your packaged deal!


Assists you in learning a technique or skill.


Assists you in personal growth in treatment-related issues.


Assists you in case review and for discussion of areas of uncertainty.

During your supervision session, I will help you focus on the following areas in the counseling process: process, personalization, conceptualization, and administration. 

Interested in going into private practice? I can also provide you with valuable resources and tools to get you started in your future practice once you develop experience.

Contact me today at (936) 777-3940 to set up an interview to meet in person!