Are you someone who has been emotionally, verbally, mentally, physically or sexually abused and don't know how to heal yourself?

Are you someone who is a veteran that has returned from service and is having difficulty turning your life around?

Have you experienced a traumatic event or accident that has paralyzed you with fear?

You know your life hasn't been the same since that horrible nightmare has been over. It's a continuous fear that has built up deep  inside your core of existence. You fear it happening again. You can't trust others. You feel alone in your thoughts. The very thought of anything that resembles the event(s) frightens you.

At Embrace Your Life, PLLC, we know how scary this situation can be for you. We're here to help you and make the process not as painful as it feels. Through utilizing coping skills to manage the trauma/PTSD we will explore the event(s) and help you regain control of your life and begin the healing process. Together, we will help you rewrite your story and empower you in the process!


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