virtual counseling for texas residents

Sometimes things in your life don't go as planned and it's hard to make it into the office for your scheduled session. Or you find yourself struggling to get out of the house because your anxiety is so high that day. Sometimes you may not live close to the office where you receive counseling and it's easier and more comfortable to participate virtually or online. You may catch yourself thinking things like:

"I just can't make it to the office for my session."

"I can't travel that distance to see my counselor for a session."

how we can help

Our counselors know it can be hard sometimes to make the commitment to come to counseling regularly. That's why we make it easy for you to attend sessions! Through a HIPAA secure platform, Embrace Your Life, PLLC, uses to maneuver your video web sessions. All you need is a microphone, computer with a web camera, and internet service and you're ready to go! Your counselor will provide you with more information and the link to the virtual room to get you started.

Struggling to attend counseling sessions regularly because of not feeling well or the distance to the office can be tough sometimes, but we can help make your life easier!

Get started now if you think virtual counseling would be a good fit for you!

virtual counseling at embrace your life, pllc

virtual counseling at embrace your life, pllc